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The "Darling Boys" in New Castle, IN back in July 2002
July 2002: The "Darling Boys" in New Castle, IN.

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When I think of The Dillards, one of the first things that pop to my mind is "The Darling boys" from The Andy Griffith Show. I would expect that for those who are not fans of bluegrass music that "the Darling boys" would be the main reason you're looking at this page.

The Dillards are MUCH more than just the "Darling" boys but Rodney, Doug, Dean and Mitch will always be thankful to the Darling's for helping to spread their brand of entertainment to so many generations.

These are links to the best sites focused on The Dillards The official web site of The Dillards.

Mayberry Values Rodney Dillard and his wife Beverly are brining a wonderful program to churches all over America, proclaiming Mayberry values.

Doug & Rodney Dillard Site by Thomas Aubrunner from Vienna/Austria. The site has Biography and Discography information as well as a listing of album covers and information.

Here is a list of the Dillards records, year of release, and recording label

1963 Back Porch Bluegrass Elektra
1964 Dillards Live! Almost! Elektra
1965 Pickin' and Fiddlin with Byron Berline Elektra
1968 Wheatstraw Suite Elektra
1970 Copperfields Elektra
1972 Roots and Branches Anthem
1973 Tribute to the American Duck Poppy
1977 Dillards vs. The Incredible L.A. Time Machine Flying fish
1978 Mountain Rock Laserlight
1979 Decade Waltz Flying Fish
1979 Homecoming and Family Reunion Flying Fish
1988 I'll Fly Away Edsel
1991 Let It Fly Vanguard
1992 Take Me Along For the Ride Vanguard
1976 Best of the Dillards Elektra
1991 There is a Time (1963-1970) Vanguard
1996 Roots and Branches & Tribute to the American Duck BGO
1997 The Best of the Darlin Boys Vanguard
1999 The Dillards: First Time Live Varese Sarabande
2006 The Dillards Early Recordings—1959 Varese Sarabande